Message From President

Mr. Youngchul Kwon
Chairman of the Board / President

Dear our valued shareholders,

The year-long COVID-19 pandemic has driven global and Thai economies into a severe crisis. Although Thailand has been notably successful in controlling the first wave of infections, a resurgence of COVID-19 infections towards the end of the year could pose heightened risk. The Thai economy is affected heavily. However, the effectiveness in controlling the first outbreak within the country and the sound external stability in terms of current account surplus and high foreign reserves influenced speculative capital inflows from abroad, causing the baht to strengthen strongly through the 4Q20.

The coronavirus has brought about many changes to the economic and social structures. Even though the 1H20 company faced the difficult situation, but in the 2H20, we tried to sustain it. Also, the company has improved factory and environment. Therefore, I believe that when the situation gets better, our performance will get better as well.

Innovation and Growth are key for POSCO, as a global corporate, I focus on four key initiatives this year

  1. Safety and Healthy workplace
  2. Leading position in the steel Industry by establishing a highly quality, high productivity a create a shared value with our partners companies
  3. Create social value; strengthen our corporate citizenship by raising public awareness of the environment such as think green and waste water reduction.
  4. Innovative organization culture.

On behalf of Posco-Thainox Public Company Limited, I would like to thank all shareholders, customers, and business partners who have always supported the company. Also, I would like to thank the Board of Directors, executives as well as all employees who have dedicated their efforts to the company to meet the goal.