Message From President

Mr. Youngchul Kwon
Chairman of the Board / President

Dear our valued shareholders,

In the year 2019, Global Economic overview goes tough due to China-United Stated trade war which effects export market over the globe. Regarding to the mentioned external factor, along with domestic factor like political stability effects on Thai’s Economic which leads us to face decreasing in domestic stainless selling volume; thus, leads us to increase export sale volume, both cause the Company a decreasing in profits as Thai Baht is continuous appreciated.

However, I have to lead the company to survive this tough time. In year 2019, we develop current machinery and also invest for the new machinery called “Coil Build-Up Lines”, in order to improve the manufactured qualities which will lead us to gain more profits in the future. Additionally, we also develop work procedure and manage inventory to be more efficient.

In order to purposed the vision “With POSCO” the word “With” means “Together”. I encouraged our company to comply with POSCO’s vision as follows:-

Business with POSCO Our Company Co-ordinate and develop our products in order to complied with our customer needs, in order to increase our customer satisfaction and increase customer confidence on quality of our product.

Society with POSCO Our Company conducts various activities in order to improve and develop local community. We also conduct some donation for the school nearby our factory continuously with an aim to return the benefit back to society and for the sustainability growth together.

People with POSCO We regularly maintain and adjust environment in the factory. For instance, we cultivate to increase green area in the factory. We adjust the company canteen in both plants; Rayong Plant and the Plant in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province.

Additionally, we create training program for our employees both in domestic and oversea in order to raise employee’s enjoyment in working for the company.

On behalf of Posco-Thainox Public Company Limited, I would like to thank all shareholders, customers, and business partners who have always supported the company until we are able to walk to the current success at full capacity. Also, I would like to thank the Board of Directors, executives as well as all employees who have dedicated their efforts to the company to meet the goal.